What We Produce

Elite Harvest Maroc is dedicated to providing the highest quality standard of fresh Fruit. This allows to supply an excellent wide range of different Fruits, Fresh, Bio and Healthy.

Our Production

Food processing includes better understanding the process of ripening of fruits, optimum harvesting time, pre-cooling of freshly-harvested products, cold-storing of the raw fruits, sorting, cleaning and packaging technology.

We have state-of-the-art facilities that are completely automated from sorting, cleaning, grading, and storage, through to packaging. We adopt scientific solutions to efficiently manage agricultural residues and in the recycling of waste.

Packaging and storage

Every year, EHM moves tons of agricultural produce from their farms to distribution centres, and on to supermarkets. The packaged products are stored in cold rooms which are essential for retaining freshness and enhancing shelf life. They are then transported to their destination by skilled staff in a fleet of refrigerated trucks. Acquiring the requisites of an end-to-end distribution channel, and infrastructure to support the business, has enabled us to enhance our logistics efficiency.

Highest Quality and Food Safety

Quality and Food Safety are the No 1 priority across all of our operations. This emphasis starts in the field and at harvest. EHM only works with suppliers that adhere to the most rigorous industry and regulatory standards. EHM follows the best post-harvest practices which include, but are not limited to, GMP programs like pre-cooling, cold storage, process control, produce traceability, Pre-Requisite Programs for cleaning and sanitation, facility and equipment maintenance, training, and pest control. EHM has dedicated and specialised on-field and post-harvest Food Safety teams that cover all our growing regions and seasons. Employees are trained in all aspects of healthy farming and post-harvest practices including produce handling, inspections, hygiene, sanitation, and attire. Induction and ongoing staff training programs are essential to ensure only the safest and best quality product reaches our customers.

  • EHM owns the farms and fleets used to transport the produce, and has complete control of production facilities, in order to offer top quality end products.
  • We can control the way the products are grown, processed, packaged, transported and marketed through a closely-monitored system, eliminating delays and issues caused by outsourcing any of these procedures to third parties.
  • We have a well-established business presence in five locations in Morocco: Kenitra,Sidi-Yahya Fes, Sefrou, Marrakech and Benimellal, and will embrace geographic diversification as we move forward. This will help us provide a myriad range of products all year round across all our sites.
  • We concentrate on the fastest-growing markets throughout Morocco, offering us unique opportunities in terms of production, exports, and domestic consumption.

Our Products

Supply Fresh and Healthy. We Have wide range of different fresh locally grown Fruits at the highest quality and best value.